Real-life problem-inspired solution.

Have you ever looked into how much you spend during a workweek? On coffee, energy drinks, snacks, lunches, you know the regular gas station stops while you are out and about? It might seem like all that big of a deal to spend $5 here and $5 there. But this kind of spending piles up rather quickly and if we aren’t paying attention it can get out of hand.


Looking at our spending, objectively, $5 here and $5 there every single day (Monday – Friday) plus whatever we spend over the weekend can end up being $100 on the low end, $300 on the high end, (if weekend spending is minimal) month in, and month out. That’s $1,200 to $3,500 a year.


I don’t know about you, but for me, it is super easy to spend $25-30 bucks a day on coffee, snacks, and other random things. Speaking of random things, I bought a new pocket knife on Friday because I thought it looked cool. (My spending is a work in progress!)  Breaking it all down, I see that I have been borrowing money and energy from tomorrow. And it just isn’t sustainable.


So my girlfriend and I have been making an effort to be a bit more frugal and save money where we can lately. By cooking at home, rarely going out, and not spending money on fast food and dining out. Don’t get me wrong. I think that doing those things, as a treat, and not the norm can be super fun and exciting.


So to the real-life problem-inspired solution? We have decided to do what we can to make meal plans available to others just like us. In the form of an eBook! We have found a lot of really great websites with amazing recipes. But personally, I hate how most of those websites are chucked full of advertisements. So that is why we are creating our own little eBook cookbook!